R. G. P. D.

1.Finality of treatment

The personal data of Customers / Suppliers or goods belonging to them may be collected and processed by the entity or its employees for the following purposes:

    Preparation of Budgets;

    Conclusion of commercial purchase agreements;

    Issuance of invoices and respective receipts;

    Bank orders for bank transfers for payment to suppliers;

    Conclusion of customer risk insurance contracts;

    Treatment of other matters related to the activity of the declarant here and always in the interest of the Clients / suppliers.

2.Categories of personal data to be collected.

For the above purposes, the entity may collect and process the personal data as well as the original and copies of the respective documents that fall into the following categories:

    Identification info;

Data relating to the professional activity;

    Data relating to remuneration;

    Data relating to items in permanent certificates;

    Other data requested by insurance companies when contracting insurance policies.

Are Clients / Suppliers, legal persons or natural persons.

3. Data retention period

    For the purpose of administrative management of the Client / Supplier and for the purposes of payments and receipts, benefits and benefits of the Client / supplier, the data may be kept for a period of one year after the expiration of the legal obligation;

    The deadline for the respective data may be prolonged, for reasons of judicial action, after the transfer of the data to the judicial institutions and their final decision;

4.Destinators of data

The data are addressed to:

    The entities to whom the data must be communicated by virtue of legal provision or at the request of the data subject;

    A.T. - Tax authority;

    The insurance companies with whom the risk insurance contract is concluded.

Other entities not mentioned, but which have legal standing to process the data in question, can not be excluded.

5. Client / Supplier Rights

The Client / Supplier enjoys, in accordance with the law, the rights of information, access and opposition to the way in which the data is handled.

6. Confidentiality

It is expressly forbidden to the owner of the Site and its employees that, given their position, have access to the data, copy, divulge or transmit, directly or indirectly, any third parties, data or facts of a confidential nature relating to their Customers / Suppliers or to the activity developed by them, to which they have access through commercial or other contractual relations that are directly related to their activity.